Friday, August 19, 2005

The DG Danceathon Continues

Our beloved David Gregory took some ribbing from Don Imus this morning for shaking his groove thang (multiple times) during his stint as host of the TODAY show...

Imus and Wonkette want him to stop this behavior... something about his journalistic crediblity, blah, blah.

We at IHAC appreciate that DG is just as serious about his dancing as he is about the news.

Video of DG & Al Roker doing ring-around-the-rosie starts at about :48 and continues mercilessly for the next 2 minutes

Here are la wonka's thoughts

And he's hosting Meet The Press this week! We'd like to see him do the Electric Slide with Trent Lott...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what happened when DG hosted Meet The Press this week? I usually don't watch those stiffy political shows... but I might if there was dancing involved.

7:05 PM  
Anonymous ladylivewire said...

Yeah, like the Today show is a real news show. It's entertainment, and I would love to see more DG dance footage! In a perfect world, he would replace Lauer's moronic ass. Although it's hard to say who I hate more: Couric, Lauer or Roker. It's a toss up. And yet I keep watching ....

10:54 AM  
Blogger Thomas York said...

David Gregory is everywhere lately. Hardball, MTP, what's next? The guy's credibility shot up because he's the only one who had any balls to question Scott McClellan's backpedaling on the Valerie Plame deal. I forgive him for this transgression (this time).

12:07 PM  

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